Frustrated at desk

Need a Break?

If you're feeling overwhelmed, Sales Assistant 6 can help you regain a little sanity.

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Phones, emails, notes, all managed for you.

Don't worry about missing an important meeting.
Sales Assistant tracks every customer and reminds you of upcoming events.

Relax...and Imagine

A full-time sales assistant who tracks your appointments, reminds you when to see each customer, keeps track of birthdays, anniversaries, and can even give you a written report of your activities to keep management happy.
Sales Assistant 6 from On Top Systems does all those things and more. And best of all, this sales assistant won't ask for vacation time, a raise, or call in sick just when you need it most.

Sales Assistant 6 Features

Store unlimited clients, phones, email, notes
Create individual notes for any client for any day
Set any note as a "follow up" reminder
Scan for current and past due events at Windows startup or any time
View activity lists for any period: past, present, or future
Easily export client info as an Excel-compatible (CSV) file
Context-sensitive help available whenever you need it
Network with multiple users on the same database
Dozens of additional features with more to come!

Free 30-Day Trial

Download Sales Assistant 6 and try it FREE for 30 days. No gimmicks, no obligations. Enjoy all the features for a full 30 days, then decide if it's right for you. There's nothing to lose but your frustrations.
30-day FREE Trial
$12.95 Lifetime License