Why Playing the Lottery
Will Never Make You Rich

A FREE Lottery Simulator That Tells the Truth
FREE Software

Why Playing the Lottery
Will Never Make You Rich

A FREE Lottery Simulator That Tells the Truth
FREE Software
Lottery simulation analysis software

Win or Lose -- But Mostly Lose

If you're pinning your hopes on winning the lottery, you won't find Lotto Revelator encouraging. We created this lottery simulation to demonstrate just how difficult it is to be a winner at lotto, and just how much money you lose when you try.
With Lotto Revelator, you can simulate spending untold thousands (or millions!) trying to win that elusive jackpot. Lotto Revelator lets you play your weekly lotto for hundreds, even thousands of lifetimes in just a few seconds. Then it gives you totals on just how much you won for every dollar you spent. The stats are sobering.
Lotto Revelator reveals the truth

Play It Your Way

Adjust Lotto Revelator's controls to match your state's lotto. Then enter your favorite numbers, auto-generate numbers, or choose the Quick Pick option for a different set of numbers every draw. You can play up to 10 "tickets" per game in any of these combinations. Determine your strategy, pick your numbers, try your luck -- and it's all FREE!
This software is provided free of charge with no tricks and no gimmicks. When you no longer need it, uninstalling is as simple as deleting the folder you installed it in. (It does have an uninstall option, too.) Try it yourself and see if you can beat the odds and come out a winner in just one lifetime.
This is a 100% FREE program.
No ads. No nag screens. No browser hijacks.
No malicious software. No kidding.

Lotto Revelator Features

Play up to 10 "tickets" per game
Choose your own numbers or let the computer choose randomly ("Quick-Picks")
Mix and match the number of tickets and methods
Play for the default 52 years, or go bold and play for hundreds of lifetimes
Remembers your big wins so you can, too!
Calculates winnings for match 3, 4, and 5 numbers and the 6-number jackpot
Optionally stop when you hit it big
Totals money "spent" and compares it to jackpot dollars "won"
Determines how the money "spent" would have done as an investment
This lottery simulation program is for amusement and entertainment purposes only.