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"Fitness Never
Sounded So Good"

Exercising to music is a great way to get fit and keep fit. And that was the main reason we created the My Exercise Timer program. We had been packing on some pounds sitting behind the keyboard. Taking a break and moving to the music helped us get back into shape (and lose 10 pounds!)
Looking around, we saw a lot of people who could stand to lose a bit of weight. That's why we made My Exercise Timer a FREE download. But we didn't stop with just a simple audio player.

A Better Selection

As former radio programmers, we didn't like hearing songs selected purely at random. Each time we started playing tunes, some of the same songs came up. The same artists would sometimes play two or three songs in a row. Well, this offended our sensibilities, so we started modifying the program to do a better job of playing music.
This version of My Exercise Timer indexes the songs in your music directory to keep track of the last play and the artists. From session to session, it "remembers" what played last, and doesn't repeat songs until almost all the others have played. It can also separate songs by the same artist, giving you a better variety of performers.
My Exercise Timer options

Apply Your Own Settings

You have full control over how songs are played. Play your library randomly or sequentially. Turn artist separation off or on, and when it's on specify how many songs have to play before an artist can repeat. It's almost like programming your own radio station. (And, if you would like to have even more control over how your music is played, check out My Radio Station.)
Separate your songs into different directories and switch between them with a couple of mouse clicks. Play WAV files, or play MP3 files, or play both. View all the songs in each directory, and the artist history. Click on any artist to see a list of all the songs by that artist in the directory. Powerful and pretty cool at the same time.

And, Oh, Yeah...the Exercise Part

Set the number of minutes you want to exercise, or select unlimited music (it plays until you stop it). Have the music stop immediately when the timer runs out, or let the last song finish for a few extra seconds of workout. All the controls are easy to use, and we've included a help file explaining the different settings and the best ways to use them.
So, is it an exercise timer or an audio player? It's two -- two apps in one! And whether you use it to exercise, or just enjoy a better mix of your favorite songs, use it in good health -- and FREE -- compliments of On Top Systems.
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My Exercise Timer Features

Plays your favorite WAV/MP3 audio files
Lightening-fast database engine
Set minutes to exercise or set to unlimited
Artist separation by percent or number songs
Count down timer shows minutes remaining
Pause/restart timer with a mouse click
Skip to next song or replay current song
Play songs sequentially or randomly
Specify how "deep" random selection may go
View play history of entire song directory
View play specs on any artist in your library
Select next song to play from history window
Sort play history by any displayed field
Detailed help file is context-sensitive