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    Minute-2-Minute Project Management -- NEW VERSION!

A Completely NEW Minute-2-Minute.

Working at your computer as an independent contractor, you've probably found how challenging it can be to keep accurate records for each project. Generating a billing invoice at the end of the month or when the project is completed can take too much time, even using a third-party spreadsheet or bookkeeping program.
We created Minute-2-Minute specifically to solve those problems. And now, we've upgraded to a completely NEW version, packed with all the new features users have been asking for. Plus, Minute-2-Minute now has its own web site.

Scores of New Features

We've added so many capabilities to Minute-2-Minute, one web page is not enough to cover them all! Here is just a partial list:

Try Before You Buy -- FREE!

The new Minute-2-Minute has a 45-day trial period, so you can utilize it through a full billing cycle. Create your clients and projects, time your work, generate invoices in seconds instead of minutes (or hours!) Use all the features without limitation for a full 45 days.
At the end of 45 days, make Minute-2-Minute a permanent part of your toolkit for only $49.95.
Ready to make life easier? Check out all the features at our new Minute-2-Minute web site, and get started with Minute-2-Minute today!
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Web Site
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Minute-2-Minute Features

Create unlimited clients
Each client can have unlimited projects
AutoTrak™ timer times your work
Time to the second or round to the minute
Two timer sizes for minimal desktop impact
Minimize timer to task bar or system tray
NEW! Time Segment Manager
Optional comments by time segment
Add, edit, delete, and combine segments
Supports multiple currencies
Include monthly expenses/credits
Completely redesigned invoices
Send invoices to printer or PDF file
PDF creation software not required
Export billing data to CSV or XML file
Roll unpaid balances to following month
View/print unlimited billling history
Context sensitive help at a keypress
Web Site
Major credit cards or PayPal
45 Day Free Trial
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