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Face it. Your movie collection has grown to quite a size. It's getting difficult to keep track of which movies you have (and which you don't), and finding the one you're longing to watch can sometimes take more than a few minutes. For these reasons -- and more -- we created FlickDB.
FlickDB is intuitive software. In moments, you'll see how easy it is to create one or more "movie lists". Then, easily add titles, artists, genres, ratings and more in minutes. And once you've created your lists, you can sort, search and print those movies in a variety of ways.

No Limits

FlickDB Movie Database
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Regardless of how many movies you have in your collection -- or how many you'll acquire in the future -- FlickDB is good to go. The number of movies you can enter is limited only by your hard disk space.
Each movie entered in FlickDB has room for unlimited actors. Enter the complete cast if you like. It's a nice feature, because you can also search on movies by actors (and all other fields). So if you want a list of movies featuring Tom Cruise or Robert Downey, Jr. but not Gwyneth Paltrow, you can get it with a few mouse clicks. (Why you would want such a list is beyond the scope of this web page.)
Browse your search results on screen or print them in any one of several formats to any attached Windows-compatible printer. FlickDB maintains a catalog of your entire collection and always keeps it at your fingertips.

Enjoy FlickDB FREE for 30 Days

Don't take our word for any of this. Click one of the Download buttons on this page and try FlickDB FREE for 30 days. We don't hold anything back. Enter as many movies as you want. Run FlickDB through the wringer to see if it's right for you.
When the 30 days is up, take a decision: purchase FlickDB for the one-time investment of $7.95, or choose "delete" from the menu and bid the program a fond farewell. (FlickDB promises not to be angry -- and we won't be, either.)
You should know that your $7.95 also purchases free updates for life. Which is a pretty good deal, when you think about it.
So go ahead -- take the plunge. Download FlickDB now (we won't look) and get started organizing your movie collection the way you want.
Create unlimited movie lists
Each list can contain unlimited movie titles
Sort by title, genre, actors, rating, year, etc.
Search and print movies by multiple criteria
Add your own genre classifications
Include MPAA rating, personal rating, more
Define your own media types

FlickDB Features

Search Assistant for complex searches
Size main window and order movie columns
Import movie data from other sources
Export movied data to standard CSV files
Backup and restore database (pro version)
Get IMDB info on any movie in database
Context-sensitive help
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