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    Verbometer: The Speaker's Timer

Public Speaking: A Gift That is Earned

Not everyone is a gifted public speaker. In fact, even the most accomplished speaker at one time felt butterflies in his stomach as he stepped to the podium. With time -- and practice -- anyone can address a small group, or a large crowd, with skill and confidence. And that's where Verbometer comes in.
One method used for training public speakers is practicing via timed delivery. This involves speaking for a specific interval while effectively delivering all the major points of the speech's topic. Verbometer provides the speaker with a digital timing display as well as status lights to alert when specified timing points are reached.

Easy Setup

Verbometer Speaker's Timer
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Windows 98+
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Verbometer main window
Verbometer options window
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Free Program
As the speech progresses, the timer counts down from the starting time. At the time points you designate, the green illumination turns to yellow, then red, and finally flashing red. An optional chime or tone can be played when the timer reaches zero.
The Options panel lets you specify a total time up to 9:59:59. The timing change points for the on screen indicator are also entered in hours, minutes, and seconds. The optional sound at the conclusion of timing can be selected and previewed prior to saving the scenario.
The registered version of Verbometer adds additional features, including multiple timing scenarios, count up or count down, and the ability to add your own sounds to the program's sound library.

Hey, It's FREE!

We've made Verbometer free to download and use forever. No nag screens, no hidden programs, and -- most of all -- no viruses.
If you would like the additional features of the registered version, we'll send you a registration code for only $6.95...about the price of a cup of exotic coffee at your favorite Starbucks. Only long after the coffee is gone, Verbometer will still be around to do your timing for you.
Whether you register or not, we hope you'll enjoy Verbometer.

Verbometer Basic Features

Registered Version Features

Maximum time 9hrs:59min:59sec
Programmable warning colors
Optional chime at end of timing
Extra large timer visible up to 50 feet
Start or pause timer with a mouse click
Context-sensitive help
Unlimited timing scenarios
Switch scenarios with two mouse clicks
Option to count down or count up
Choice of multiple sounds at timing end
Add your own sounds to the program
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