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    Resident Reminder -- It Won't Let You Forget

Make It Memorable

Resident Reminder, our FREE reminder software, lets you quickly create events for all your important dates; anniversaries, birthdays, meetings, bill pay reminders, and more. Create events that occur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Have them remind you only once, repeat until a certain date, or nag you like your spouse -- forever!
We confess that one of the cable channels was running a Resident Evil marathon the weekend we were finishing up this program. Not being able to resist Milla Jovovich, we used the franchise as our inspiration when naming Resident Reminder.

Events and Counting

Resident Reminder gives you the ability to set up unlimited events and schedule them as far in advance as you could desire. Once created, events can be viewed or printed in calendar format or a chronological listing.
The program's "date counting" feature lets you create reminders such as "Bob and Janice's 25th anniversary" or "Sue is 15 today" and the count is updated automatically each time the event appears. You also have the additional option of having the program count down to the next occurrence of the event. In fact, there's virtually no limit to the number of counting inserts you can have in an event.
Resident Reminder
Resident Reminder
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Resident Reminder
ALWAYS Remembers
So you're not caught off guard, Resident Reminder lets you set an advance reminder for an upcoming event. Alert yourself to buy that anniversary or birthday card well in advance to avoid those awkward "I forgot" moments.

It's FREE -- What's the Deal?

Resident Reminder is absolutely FREE to download and use. Set up all the events you want without paying us a penny. But we invite you to register your copy for a small fee. This helps us keep bread, meat, and perhaps a beer or two on the table. It also gives you access to certain features not available in the unregistered version, and lets you get rid of the welcome screen that appears each time the program is started. We also think you'll sleep better at night knowing you've done the right thing.
For a one-time fee of just $7.95 you'll be able to not only back up and restore your events (important when your hard disk fails), but also export your list of events to a CSV file for use in other, third-party programs such as a spreadsheet.
Regardless of your choice -- freeloading on our goodwill like a no-account cheapskate, or paying a tiny price for a great program we slaved over for weeks -- Resident Reminder is waiting to serve you.

Resident Reminder Features

Create unlimited reminder events
Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly events
Events run once, to a specific date, or forever
"Date counting" (Bob's 15th birthday)
View events by date list or calendar
Add/edit events on main window or calendar
Events on fixed date or "floating" by week
Calendar view jump to any month or year
Set advance notice of any event
Special event options for commodity traders
Pop-up reminder of events on program start
Context-sensitive help throughout
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